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  • Angle V Slotted Racking

  • Product Name: V steel shelf Loss (V Multimedia)

    * Manual loading and unloading goods, or mobile car payment.

    * Normal load: 100 - 300 Kg / 1tang.

    * On the shelf wood or abdominal transplant steel design his next

    * Chan shelf design perforated steel V

    * Contains many types of goods

    * All steel frame link soaked or Bullong to assembly

    * Contact: 0918223724 - 0918752515

    * Email:

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Product detail

Tan Phuong Phat manufacture and supply of iron shelves versatile components provide standards for every demand from customers.This shelf contains a variety of models suitable for cargo capacity from 100kg to 300kg per drawer V steel stamping holes. Can be used to store or use goods containing household items, warehouse suppliesThere are other standard or non-standard sizes, can be customized according to customer requirements, easy installation in areas where space is tight.* Diversity size.* On the floor shelves lining the as tole stomach, mica, plywood, Okal boards, MDF, antistatic rubber lining ...* Easy installation in any area of the warehouse.* Adjust the distance upper shelf or low-demand use.* Widely used in the commodity storage needs such as:    recordkeeping office, parts storage warehouse, storage household items, display goods ....* All products Tan Phuong Phat shelves powder coated or galvanized against corrosion during use.