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  • Carton Flow Racking

  • Facts about Flow Racking Systems

    • Easily identifiable and assessible Parts  
    • Large volume, small footprint
    • Highly Versatile
    • Perfect for small parts assembly 
    • FIFO principle  

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Product detail

FLOW RACK Pallet System is the device ideal for providing load pallet or boxes of goods common in the classification and distribution. They also are an excellent choice where high throughput is required or in a storage situation that calls the mass of each commodity.

  Gravity pallet flow shelves act as a conveyor belt in a rack structure. Pallet late fees added on and then flows down a slope to be selected on the opposite end. The system can have 6 or more high bay and can be run from a few to 15 locations deep. Using gravity to gently hold the pallet load to select the operating organization, the shelf is an economic flow in the first storage solution on top.

  In addition, the shelving system to help keep employees at a safe distance from the forklifts are added at the end of the input rack. Price dynamic storage system which allows quick access, efficient and safe to go out materials while providing reserve storage simple.

 TPPRACK Inspecting used pallet flow pallet load customer's actual effective solutions, reliable and well-designed racks pallet.Technical staff of our experience working directly with TPPRACK project management to ensure that all specifications are met.Installation services are available and the project is completed pallet price on time and on budget.


Column size: 3x2-4, 3x3 and 4x3-inch

Beam size: 5-inch roll-formed

Standard Load: 3000 lbs

Features & Benefits:

More severe cases options roll

· Economics roll formed columns

· Deeper System

Pallet flow and audit testing

· Guide to Import is available

Pain first - first in each lane


· Distribution Center

• Select the module and the staging area

· Price of Large for each SKU

· High Profile