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  • Double Deep Racking

  • Product Name: Double Deep Racking

    • This system requires the use of special-purpose tires.
    • Increased storage warehouse increased from 30% - 50%.
    • Suitable for large warehouses.
    • Forklifts have lifting arm deep.
    • Speed ​​export goods dental

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Pallet System Equipment deep double increase in the use of production floor space of approximately 60% to 65%. They offer low initial cost, density and good selectivity.

 Double deep pallet prices have become a very popular choice in high-throughput operations by providing efficient use of storage space available.

 Column & Beams: Roll-form or structured

 Features & Benefits:

· The path

· Increased storage space

· Design Flexibility

· Only cost and space efficient

· Good selection


High volume of goods stored

· Limit the space

Combining price and selective pallet high density at low cost

 Double Deep Pallet Racking

A derivative to the Selective pallet racking, the Double Deep system requires the use of a specialist reach truck or an attachment fitted to rach truck. Whilst achieving increases in capacity of up to 30% above the former, only 50% of the pallets are immediately accessible.
This system however provides an excellent method of increasing warehouse capacity or when alternative system such as the Drive-In which require high numbers of homogenous pallet types, are not possible.

Facts about Double Deep Pallet Racking system

•    Lower beam level required for some types of equipment
•    Operates uo to height of 10 m
•    Average stock rotation
•    Average Floor area untilization
•    Average order picking, 50% selectivity
•    40% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area
•    Redundancy rates can run between 10-20% dependant on the quality of the WMS programme
•    Popular against Drive-In Racking, as a lower cost alternative which increases capacity over selective by up to 30%
•     Recommend the use of pallet rails or pallet support bars above 4m, to increase  MH productivity and omprove  safety of the operation.
•    Recommend to use column protectors when using MH equipment that requires the straddle leg to go below bottom beam or between pallets and upright.
•    Mechanical Handling Equipment

  • 1.    Specialist machine with either pantograph or telescopic forks, or using a purpose designed attachment, which can be fitted to standard reach trucks