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  • Mesh Pallet Cage

  • Product Name: Steel Box Pallet

    * Design orders.

    * Forklift pallet stacking frames on top of each other (05 pallets).

    * Reduced damage or goods, increase the storage area

    * Loading capacity: 500 - 1000 kg, or design requirements.

    * Make the most of warehouse space

    * Frame is the queue is not used pallet racks.

    * Contact: 0918223724 to 0918752515.

     * Email:

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Product detail

Pallet frame many applications in electronic warehouse, finished products warehouse, raw material warehouse.

Flexible import and export of goods by leave in contact conditions forklift to the shipping truck location, or transfer of materials and supplies to the place of production.
Labor cost savings, management and maintenance costs.
Pallets are the New Local Development Framework designed to suit each type of goods of the company and in accordance with the details of each package and conditions of use, always ensure the safety and highest efficiency.