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  • Mobile Cabinet Racking

  • * Saves warehouse space.

    * Fast action taken, simply

    * Use the containing records office, warehouse supplies .. etc. ..

    * Size standard Thuot, or ordered separately

    * Loading capacity: 100 - 600kg / 1 story.

    * Links restraint system, fast execution

    * Powder coating against rust

    * Contact: 0918223724 - 0918752515

    * Email:

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Mobile racks or cabinets containing records of the New Local Mobile Development, the plan combines a high load shelves or cabinets lined steel, bottom driven by gear reducer.Motor-operated Electric Plc control or crank, according to the design requirements and storage categoryWhen you need to take any line the shelves just controls or rotate the handle line the shelves that will move the entrance to the queue limitless shelf.With many years of experience in system racks, cabinets, mobile Tan Phuong Phat equip the warehouse records of the Bank, the Office of the Company, Mobile Shelving for storage of supplies and spare parts ... etc ... , counselor always conscientious thoughtful design, cost savings and effective investment for customers.Without consent, please do not copy content, photos, topics from the New Local Development