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  • Mobile racking

  • Reduce unnecessary paths between two line shelf

    •      No need to use a dedicated forklift
    •      Operation with PLC control system
    •      The ability to choose goods: maximum (100%).
    •      Speed ​​export - import goods quickly
    •      Make the most of space, use 70-90% of the stock.

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Mobile Pallet Racking

Mobile Pallet Racking can increase capacity by over 100% over the conventional static racks without loss of selectivity. The Mobile Pallet Racking system comprises of individual racks mounted on mobile bases. These bases are power driven, and be controlled using hand held remote controls. Using low maintenance electric motors, the mobile bases run on the rails accurately in-laid info the floor. These bases are capable of supporting rack lengths in excess of 45m and weights up to 500 tons.
Facts about Mobile Pallet Racking System

•    Very popular in high cost environments: i.e Cold Stores due to increased capacity
•    Good order picking, 100% selectivity
•    Good floor area utilization
•    70%+ net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area
•    Pallet redundancy similar to Selective Pallet Racking, 5% or less 
•    Higher cost can easily be justified by the increased capacity of pallet in a high cost environment and fast return of investment
•    Increased operation efficiency with input output conveyors.
•    Specialized WMS programme  are now available for cold store operations
•    Maintenance platforms to service condensers can be erected over racks.
•    Mobile bases operated by remote hand held or forklift mounted controller.
•    Average aisle opening time 40 seconds, racks open in cascade  movement allowing up to 7-8 double entry racks to be serviced by 1 material handling machine
•    Automated aisle operation is a viable option saving on power consumption.
•    Full safety features in accordance with FEM And EN Standards.
•    Automatic night  parking feature to allow air to circulate
•    Mechanical Handling Equipment
                Counter Balance/ Reach Truck/ Very Narrow Aisle Truck.