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Racking system vietnam, racking system viet nam, tpprack


racking system vietnam a document is the device storage materials following the job 'have to execute, be with stock cho multi Transaction as well as those decide in Lĩnh vực actions Primary, Thượng Mai, as well as administrative mirror choices because of that Vay sure manager document is null along important.

Kệ kho contains a document is the device storage materials following the job 'have to execute, be with stock cho multi Transaction as well as those decide in Lĩnh vực actions Primary, Thượng Mai, as well as administrative mirror choices because of that Vay sure manager document is null along important.

     Bảo manage the document storage is too program apply the Biên solution khoa students: xây dựng Nhâm quarantine secure and extended Tuổi Thọ of the document storage (document storage following called off as the document).     Bảo manager materials including the Lĩnh vực:A. Kho sure manager.B. Trang Device manager sureC. Tổ functions materials in kho.D. Perform all Biên solution, điện lạnh sure manager.E. Tu plug-in, recovery mode document.F. Phạm vi apply: Bản Instructions does chủ essential apply for the document with physical măng thiếc with paper (still the document with physical măng tin khác, you bản guide individual).
1. Địa điểm Mô built kho: Địa điểm Mô built kho be quarantine the ask for following:     Ở trường, where Kho ráo.     Have the environment can instruments in clean.     Địa quality of the public stable, may degrees Chiu downloading Cao.     Thuận lợi cho giao để info, protect, left Cháy-not running and organizations khai Thác use of the document.2. Quy description kho.     To determine count identifier tích kho needs to build, need view XET zero quality materials and current plan thu Document from the source NOP save to kho in between 15-20 years after.     Unit machine is a gặp quotes or kilômét quotes. Archive requires the categories left kho equal to reply request and mechanism security manager various of each categories display the document.3. Mát with and manual your kho.     External the left kho for sure manage the document, archive requires a number left work to execute the regulations of the NGHIỆP & task and some of the left for work Công Tắc administrative, Primary actions, servers ...     If only one single resources, If you left work, and for at the bottom cascade, the left kho sure manager materials and will for out cascade on '. If be hai single resources, If you left work NGHIỆP & task and the kho sure manager is one single resources, but the left to servers clients up to use of materials and the left work as a different Menu integer. Hai single integer does layout success model letters T or L, connecting the information with the different with your request with Mai.     Hướng your kho should be made manual or Nam Đông Nam. First recover your manual Tây should not as the window.4. Điện tích the left kho. Identifier tích, each room kho including: identifier tích listing to Gia Bảo manage the document, identifier tích Lợi go keep the bank prices, Lợi go first price, Lợi follow policy in kho ... Every room kho can wide Too 200 Mét Vuông.5. Lợi go.Lợi go between rows giá: 0m70-0m80, Lợi go first giá: 0m40-0m60, Lợi follow policy in kho: 1m20-1m50, Lợi go around Xung kho (actions lang or bank Hiền): 0m80-1m20.     Lợi go in kho be quarantine servers Thuận Lợi cho Dây Lĩnh Công Tắc NGHIỆP & task and Văn Chuyện materials (ngày Lĩnh public function).     Lợi going out of kho, ngoai that quarantine cho work out enter the document, but be đủ conditions cho xe not running going back easily, tiếp có thể not seek happen Cháy.6. Tường khoTường kho firewall and prevent between left kho must have degrees Chiu firewall in normalization PN nuoc regulations format (can XAP crashed following 4 never have Cháy).      Tường kho Phia ngoai be quarantine ways Nhiệt, Chong Nông, Chong Ngam nuoc MUA ...      Tường of kho be mounted put the terms hòa can instruments be built 2 layers, space in the middle must have a physical document ways sáng, ways Nhiệt ...7. Cửa khoCửa kho be sure you chan, be the key good.     Cửa kho be opened Cánh in length word in ra ngoai.      Cửa kho you put your conditions hòa, just as the one Cảnh, may 2 layers, in the middle you how to physical document sáng, ways Nhiệt ...     Window of kho be quarantine CHỐNG conficts enter, Chong Light references direct and CHỐNG all categories Côn match Xâm entered kho.     Should not designed too much the window.  8. height khoEvery cascade kho Cao 2m80, from Sàn kho does to 'Sàn kho Other.     Tầng tunnel messages Gió CHỐNG Ẩm out away in the Đất Cao 1m80, cascade nóc messages Gió CHỐNG Nông above Cao 1m00 (Mai 2 layers).  9. Download important Sàn kho  Sàn kho be designed with traffic: 850-1000 kg / m2     Sàn kho use the price com-pac may load: 1.200 kg / m2.10 system power in kho    Archive with 2 file system power separate Special: The system power work in kho and your system power protection ngoai kho. Requires request, dao chung cho full kho and request, dao own for each of cascade kho. Dây guide power in kho be made by CAP Chi, ignore Ngam. Đèn highlight in kho use the shadow Đèn Dây Tóc and has layers protect. Every shadow have a job rule specific. Ô Căm power in kho must have NAP.   11. system of foreign kho     External sources nuoc servers cho sinh activities, be mounted systems cấp nuoc servers cho failed to left and not running cho kho including: Hồng cấp nuoc, được store nuoc, Máy bơm nuoc ... not put pipe cấp nuoc traverse Khu Vực sure manage the document.      System exit Nước be quarantine Focus exiting Fast, ke both in the Mái and above firewall.   12. Mode Nhiệt degrees-degrees Ẩm     Trọng kho materials paper required duy Trì modes Nhiệt degrees-degrees am 24 hours in a date Move like following:     Nhiệt degrees: 20 ± 2oC      Ẩm Độ: 50 ± 5%.13. Mode Light     Restricted to a level maximum of Light number course references directly to the document. The window zero requires rem che, colors Đàm. Trong kho chủ essential to use Light Đèn power and only used when really need not turned on power Thượng Xuyên in kho.     Độ highlight above away the document: within kho be 15-25 lux, at the left read as 100 lux.     You should use the structure chan Nẵng (lam horizontal) cho your kho.14. Mode messages Gió     Always duy Trì quality Gió messages in kho, with the speed: 5m / sec.     Lưu quality Gió Luân transfer between 1-8 LAN tích kho in one hour.15. Request Other:     Trọng cases have to use it again, the ngôi your room or other work for old as thekho sure manage the document will be improved make it again cho Phù combined with ask for sure manager secure the document. Special Note forward traffic Sàn, need improvements to create your windows, Window to the ra, file system power, nuoc ...Phương utilities sure manager  Phương utilities chủ essential used in the archive is a box, price for sure manage the document. Box the, prices to apply in normalization latest làm Cúc Lưu trữ PN nuoc guide.


kệ kho lưu trữ


Archive Lĩnh use the build new, should use the price com-PAC.To use tools measurement Nhiệt degrees-degrees Ẩm     Every room kho must set an internal use tools measurement Nhiệt degrees-degrees Ẩm at trung tâm Bạn of room.     External kho to set one set of using tools measurement Nhiệt degrees-degrees Ẩm is where thoáng mát, to compare weather in and out of kho.     Thượng Xuyên be checked and as the protection sinh the effect tools measurement. Bank years have checking the back degrees fine of each to use tools measurement which.Quất messages Gió   Quất messages Gió common be Quất mounting firewall.     Số quality and public exchange of Quất layout for each of room option part in the identifier tích and ask for modes sure manage the document at which room.Máy HUT AM, the terms hòa can instruments  Số quality and public exchange of the HUT AM, the terms hòa can instruments option part in the identifier tích, degrees of kín kho VAG to the required duy Trì modes Nhiệt degrees-degrees Ẩm for sure manage the document at which room.     Cần trang been đủ printer and the Phương Tiến going to include a different quarantine all your be effective link continued 24/24 Time in a date Move.Devices left CHỐNG Cháy  Archive to be trang has its đủ Phương Tiến, device left CHỐNG Cháy to quarantine secure absolute cho document.     Other applications and tools Biên solution not running regular like Cát, bao downloading, chan dập firewall, average BOT, your system not running with nuoc ... still being used, but only used in the Khu Vực ngoai kho contains a document.     Not running cho Khu Vực have the document, only use the categories average instruments CO2 or categories average BOT tetraclorua cacbon.Used as the tools protection sinh materials  Trọng kho required trang was used đủ tools as the protection sinh materials such as your Hut Bui, camera filters Bùi full kho or other Phương Tiến as the protection sinh regular Other.

 kệ chứa tài liệu tpprack


1. Process materials before entry kho:  Materials before entry kho be khử match, as the protection sinh, check the the fine between the materials and number documents in statistics.     Before input sure manager in kho, document to be sort in the box, case not have box will be sort in pair ba Dây or may bao Package outside. Every box, pair be paste mark, have to write full info to statistics and lookup.2. sort documents to the price      Document not sort up prices in Trat number of the number Storage written in the box of each Phong Lưu trữ. Nguyên rules sort up prices are words left qua right from above to the bottom, in each Khoang prices, in manual of the person do not sort quay away on the price.     Trọng full kho, document not sort up the Masked prices in Nguyễn Tác word qua left right from external input in, in manual of the word go to the window kho.  3. Lập Scheme prices in kho     Every archive be set profile sure manager materials in kho. Map needs to be known the current location manager sure the document of the Font Family storage in kho.4. If the document ra uses     Khí give the document ra servers khai Thác, uses, be check the quality and the state your physical of the document. Following document was broken Hồ fatal or documentation Quý hiềm, not read assumed to use direct bản original.     Tai Phong read, be implemented, Nghiêm adjustment nội regulations protect secure the document.5. Kiểm tra materials in kho     Bank years have check the numbers quality and quality of the document in kho. Result of verify must to 'text, in which specify the number quality document is already in statistics, numbers quality document new entry addition in sáu, numbers quality document was broken hu, the number of quality document missing.     Khí detect find the document was broken hu, be Kip the time is given go tu plug-in, recovery mode or made bản sao sure hiềm.      Variables PHÁP BẢO QUẢN: xây dựng1. Chống Là: To CHỐNG Ẩm cho Document to apply the following method Biên:      Thông Gió: Dung Quất or opening the window to the information Gió number course CHỐNG Ẩm cho document. Only the progress report Cần Giờ, Khí Nhiệt degrees in kho can low more than Nhiệt degrees ngoai kho be 5ºC. To open the window info Gió is not for Bùi, Côn match, reading, Light ... rất nhiều add to your kho.      Using ciphertext compound Hut Là: You can use the silicagel for CHỐNG Ẩm for box Do not the document. Every box to use 2-3 gram, do not they are in with Túi Vải Phìn or Vải Xô monitor. Sau 3 tháng be getting ra, nói Khơ out 130ºC in 6 never then to use it again.      Using your HUT AM, your conditions hòa can instruments run the link continued 24/24 Time in a date Move.  2. Chống Nấm mốc     To Phong Nam mốc delivery sinh be Thượng Xuyên scanning Chai, lau chui as the protection sinh documents, the Phương Tiến sure manage and kho tang. Must be always duy Trì modes info Cần Giờ, modes Nhiệt degrees-degrees Ẩm maximum priority cho environments sure manage the document.     Khí detect find Nấm mốc, right way ly now block documents which and apply the Biên solution CHỐNG Nấm mốc.     Can not be given direct ciphertext compound kill Nấm mốc to the document, which is not a phun, scanning, Chai compound CHỐNG Nấm mốc to the Bia, pair, box, prices Do not the document. Against the document Quý hiềm been Nấm mốc, the after work protection sinh clean would, document was kẹp between the 2 đến paper thấm, already Tam Hòa compound kill Nam.     The ciphertext quality not checking Nghiêm level degrees secure cho materials, absolute is not used for the document.3. Chống Côn match     To problem left CHỐNG Côn match appear in kho Phái apply the Biên solution prevent Block Côn match to the kho; be Thượng Xuyên made protection sinh materials, Phương Tiến sure and administrative kho tang; be khử match materials before and enter the kho the Period khử match in kho (2 years once).     Khử match common Biên solution Done instruments.     The ciphertext compound khử match cho documents to be Cúc Lưu trữ PN foreign and the database quan Lĩnh môn allow and guide use.4. Chống Mới     Failed to left CHỐNG be problem ra and progress thà starting built archive.     If any new appears, Xâm entered kho, PHA Hoài materials ... must be associated with the system now Basic quan Lĩnh CHỐNG new for you Biên solution handle Hữu Hiếu, secure and a while long.5. Chống mouse     Must be restricted to a level maximum of capabilities Xâm enter your mouse to the kho (Note the pipe, route Công, route đàn đáy power, pipe Thông Hội ...)     Can not for Thục An in kho contains a document.     To kill mouse common Bay or Bà. All categories Bà by ciphertext compound be implemented, correctly instructions of database quan Lĩnh môn.
TPPRACKlà your designed, Vendor your system input, quality Cao against đủ categories solution Kệ Chùa Hang, height and the length, which customers be easily select cho file system Kệ kho contains a document, .... even it is only as a kho more than one Chúc Nghìn ke, hay categories kho minor, Type kho An error has go much viêm gan, or one kho Chùa Hang automatic ciphertext.All your system ke kho chua tai lieu of TPPRACK not Vendor in your printer of we at TP HỒ CHÍ MINH. This helps we allocation commodity Fast and the correct lúc. Flags Hội as much greater, should all you will find explain what you want. We always be available chia sẻ Kinh nghiệm with customers now words the period of the first to execute project.Sáu more than years working in Lĩnh vực does We have GOP sections enhanced Cao comment formula about the solution for your system Kệ kho contains a document out Việt Nam.Nhâm reply all solution Chùa Hang cho file system Kệ store commodity we temporary that line work does work 2 categories for you can be easily Lua cho solution cho kho Chùa Hang your?Here is the important for you decide to first fourth cho kho Chùa Hang use of Pallet.Size: 2000mm x Cao 400mm x Sáu Length 1100mm x 5 Masked Sàn tôn for bank(Has multiple size for you to select)Chất document: Sắt Thép Sơn Tịnh powerMàu sắc: Cam, Màu Xanh

- Giá designed to graphics in kho, prices designed to the list, prices designed to Thước, prices designed to profile, prices Kẻ Sặt v đục LO, prices designed to the document, prices Kệ trưng display, prices designed to Quần áo ... ... câu: La categories Kệ unmounted shifted, mounted Join linh effect with bu dài, Vít ốc   you can adjust distance between Sàn with the different Phù collection of size commodity.- Every Sàn Chiu upload: 60-100 kg / SAN- Mien phi Văn Chuyện, mounted setting- State: Còn bank- Bảo actions: 24 tháng.


ke kho chua tai lieu


TPPRACK be units provided the categories prices Kệ super thị, ke kho bank maximum Việt Nam. With quality commodity which we provide a, product of TPPRACK customers are used. Kệ for bank in kho not use for many purpose:- To commodity in kho with the purpose Storage- To Luận văn, books Võ Trọng Thư Viện, the field students ...- To book, document văn left and database quanChúc Quý clients have a Mùa kinh doanh Thắng Lợi, Last Đổi mới Đạo space Khỏe