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  • Shelves to mold

  • Product Name: Shelf To Die

    * Maintenance, maintenance mold easily.

    * Optimize the area to mold, win space for production

    * Lifting mold easily, fitted with hoists mold

    * Each mold opening fitted with safety latch sure

    * Load on each floor: 1000 - 6000 kg

    * Increase storage area 50%

    * Shelf links restraint hook, easy assembly quick

    * Contact: 0918223724 - 0918752515

    * Email:

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Product detail

Shelves mold design assembly by mechanical restraint, the molds for the upper shelf as a drawer, hoisting above.When you enter the mold just adjust the lifting arm to pull the tank mold position and hook Lifting hand or enter the mold on the shelf easilyShelves mold Tan Phuong Phat safety design, easy to use, low investment cost, high efficiency.