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  • Spare Parts Racking

  • Product Name: Shelf Parts - Purchasing

    * Manual loading and unloading goods.

    * Normal load: 100 - 300 Kg / 1tang.

    * Of Goods contained in plastic declaration, or carton box

    * The declaration can hook into the plastic bracket, or on the shelf

    * Contains small supplies and accessories, to classify

    * All steel frame link soaked or Bullong to assembly

    * Contact: 0918223724 - 0918752515

    * Email:

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Tan Phuong Phat manufacture and supply all kinds of racks spare parts, accessories and small details need sorting, the appropriate product for the automotive assembly industry, motorcycles, electronic components and so on.. v. ..There are other standard or non-standard sizes, height between floor racks can be customized according to customer requirements, easy installation in areas where space is tight.

* Diversity size.

* On the floor lined with plastic shelves for supplies or steel hooks for hanging fixtures and equipment.

*Quick and easy installation Adjust the distance upper shelf or low-demand use.

* All products Tan Phuong Phat shelves powder coated or galvanized against corrosion during use.