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  • Steel Front Shelf Lot

  • * Manual loading and unloading goods, or mobile car payment.

    * Normal load: 300 - 1200 Kg / 1tang.

    * On the shelf wood or abdominal transplant steel design his next

    * Suitable for storage of small parts, goods packed in carton

    * Contains many types of goods

    * All steel frame linked underground to the tower assembly

    * Contact: 0918223724 - 0918752515

    * Email:

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The Phat New design matches the average cargo load. Suitable for many types of goods warehouse diverse in size, shape. Appropriate load from 300 - 1200 kg / shelf corresponding to the length of the shelf floor (beam bar) 1m - 3.0m, width shelf design as required.Wooden shelves can transplant, started rolling steel edge or mesh (according to the requirements of each type of goods)Suitable for the construction of high-rise warehouse systems with narrow aisles with automatic loading & unloading equipment.