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  • Steel Pallet

  • Product Name: Steel Pallet

    * Long life, no maintenance required.

    * Withstand high load, easy to clean after use.

    * Suitable for most types of products and forklifts

    * Hot dip galvanized steel pallet frame rust

    * Load capacity: 1000 - 6000 Kg / 1 pallet, load on demand

    * Investment significant cost savings compared to other pallet

    * Contact: 0918223724 - 0918752515

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Product detail

Compact design high load, hot-dipped galvanized steel frame, or coating depending on demand.Pallet Tan Phuong Phat designed to withstand high impact, reduced maintenance costs due to damage, the pallet bars are sturdy corrugated edges help pallets from being dented in the process of usingNormal load: 1000-6000 Kg or designed according to customer's requirements, especially hot-dip galvanized pallet not rust asthma in aggressive environments, high humidity.