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  • Supermarket Shelves + Storage warehouse


    Product Name: Supermarket Shelf + Storage Space

    * Take advantage of supermarkets as storage space.

    * Reduce storage time, circulation of goods.

    * Combined warehouses, supermarkets Sales.

    * Low investment costs, reduce the cost of renting warehouse.

    * Easy to check inventory.

    * Contact: 0918223724 - 0918752515

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Product detail

Product DetailsSupermarket Shelves warehouse combination, this model is great for investment supermarket, take advantage of the space above to accommodate the product pallet, when it should be possible to use an elevator car, forklift, electric winch lower turned down loaded onto the shelves.Freight fast, monolithic can provide customers needs.Reduce the costs of warehouse tax, fast goods supply.With experience designing, constructing many projects, Tan Phuong Phat always advise customers economic solutions save most effective for each individual scale.