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  • Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Racking

  •  Fact about: VNA Tpprack System  

    • Good order picking, 100% selectivity
    • Fast picking rate
    • Good product protection
    • 50% net pallet area usage of ovaerall warehouse area
    • The warehouse capacity can increase additional 40% campared with Selective racking systems

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Facts about Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Pallet Racking System
•    Good stock rotation    
•    Good order picling rate
•    Fast picking rate
•    Good product protection
•    Average Floor area utilization
•    50% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area 
•    By increased operational height, can increase warehouse capacity by an additional 40% compared with Selective racking systems
•    Requires super flat floor [see specification below]
•    Limited pallet redundancy as system can run at 95%+ capacity.
•    RF controls on the MH equipment will ensure maximum pallet sycles per hours 
•    Commonly used with Pick Up and Despatch [P&D] stations at end of each aisle.
•    A smaller reach or counterbalance truck is generally used in conjunction with the operation of the VNA MH machine, to maximize operation when within the aisle.
•    Mechanical Handling Equipment
1.    Specicalist VNA achine – requires super-flat floor surface.
2.    Operates within guide rails, standard or low profile, or using a wire induction guidance system which operates to a maximum height of 15m.

VERY NARROW AISLE (VNA) Pallet Racking – High Bay Storage

Interlock Pallet Racking Systems are designed to meet the new generation of warehouses up to 15m high, designed around the operating tolerances of VNA equipment with aisles marginally wider than the load, Souch structures must have a high level of rigidity and accurate manufacturing tolerances, Interlock is designed to meet these requirements.
An increasingly wide range of equipments is now being marketed. The final choice depends on a number of factors  -  size of installation, throughput, order picking requirements, size and weight of loads, capital available etc.
There are many options available. We are in an excellent position to offer unbiased opinions based on our considerable market experience and knowledge of the storage and material handling industry.