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Triết lý kinh doanh


All business activities in the spirit of goodwill and responsibility at work, with colleagues, partners, customers and the community. Always thinking, continuous improvement to create a good working environment, long stick for CB employees, to create the best solution to bring added value to customers.
Tpprack would become the Vietnam leading company in the field of Consulting - Design - Manufacturing - Assembly steel cargo racks, shelves for the Mall, supermarket, automatic shelf contains (ASRs) high-quality the field of Construction, Logistic and storage of goods.
Tpprack bring added value to customers and partners.
Core values ​​culture Tpprack be built on "prestige - Thinking and Responsibilities". Which took the platform people are thinking creatively and is subject to all success, and also the elements of thinking - thinking that will guide the spirit of honest work full responsibility of all members Tpprack.
With other customers: Always cheerful, enthusiastic, honest and responsible to create the highest customer satisfaction.With partners: Always respect and grow together.With colleagues: Always friendly, the support and solidarity, creating an overall strength.Work: Always self-conscious, always ready to confront all challenges, creativity and continuous improvement, created value brand Tpprack strength strong and united.Community: Always have the responsibility to the community to make lofty human values.Section objective of Tpprack is becoming a familiar brand name of the construction company, logistics, and supply of professional storage solutions for companies, contributing with customers to create the success in the development stage . Gradually build trust and confidence of customers to brand Tpprack become familiar brands most known companies and send trust. Share to build success. same efficiency and sustainable development.
With its commitment to become a company providing professional storage solutions, smart, company Tpprack are pioneering the application of modern technology in the production process. Apply quality the privation management system in product testing for each product Tpprack into practical use is creating effective products. Tpprack scientific thirst rose to become the market brand building brand credibility and is a leader in creating solutions containing shelves, supermarket shelves, storage solutions highest efficacy.