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  • Garment Racking

  • * Design buckling links and joints.

    * Flexibility for hanging products.

    * Shelf contains large fabric rolls easily check inventory

    * Goods can hang as many layers.

    * Make the most of warehouse space

    * Kcs management, control of fast food.

    * Contact: 0918223724 - 0918752515

    * Email:

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Price Shelf hanging garments Tan Time Play designed and built for the storage of garment products in the warehouse. Shelving systems installed from parts manufactured in accordance with the size, storage products, in accordance with customer requirements.Price Shelf hanging garments can easily be adjusted to reduce or add more shelves as required usingPrice Shelf hanging garments can be developed into a multi-tier floor shelf system to maximize storage areaHigh-density storageEasily adjustable shelves floor, move to upgrade and expand the system shelves ...Full product details hanging garment racks Tan Time Play powder coated or galvanized as required from you. Without consent, please do not copy content, photos, topics from the New Local Development.